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Unique artificial turf made to simplify designing and confection.  A stylish interpretation of artificial turf. A special weaving technique makes the turf soft and flexible. We have a wide range of colours and for endless creative designs colours may be combined. The turf is uv- stable and completely recyclable. On top of that it is ventilating and easy to clean.


Styling an event, designing products for commercial use, upholster furniture, this turf makes it easy. It is perfect for designing and very simple and soft to work with.

Be surprised
by ColourGrass


The turf is flexible and soft and perfect for sowing. It’s the first soft turf in many bright colours.A dull couch can easily be changed into eye catcher of the room. A party at a company covering the furniture with all the right colours, nice turf bags with a logo. Be creative with turf! Comfortable lounge bags, hammocks, bags, cubes, you can decorate it all. The colours are uv- stable and will not fade. Follow us on Facebook and be surprised by what you can do with this unique, colourful, soft grass.


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